Sunday, 30 March 2014

Mothers day crafting and card making

This year we thought it would be a nice idea for the kids to make mothers day cards for nanny and nee-nee, and I would help the boys make Mummys card. We had a lovely selection of goodies sent to us so we could participate in a Mothers day Card crafting competition. Family Investments are running the competition between 10 bloggers including myself.

We thought long and hard about designs but opted to allow the kids to choose what the cards would look like. We thought that it would capture the feel of the competition by letting the kids design the card and help make them. We did make some cards which would be ones the kids just helped a little with, the good looking ones :-).

We set everything up so the kids could choose from the box what they wanted to use to make the cards. We let them get stuck in with gluing and sticking just offering some guidance where things needed to be placed. We were able to allow Charlie to stick with out to much help Harry needed a little more help his ethos was anywhere will do !

Mummy did help out (she loves craft activities) but Charlie and Daddy worked together on her mothers day card without input from mummy (Harry decided to have a nap at this point..... it's tiring work)! As you can see from the picture we had a variety of materials which the kiddies loved.

Here is a picture of most of our beautiful creations. The butterfly at the front is our entry to the competition, I drew the outline for the boys and they glued and stuck the tissue paper on :-)

Charlie got so into the card making when we were doing it he asked to make one for Harry's birthday as well (it's the one below with the stars on).

We all loved this activity and it was great to all get involved, we spread it over a few craft sessions (probably why we made so many cards) as it was just so much fun. Fingers crossed mummy loves her cards tomorrow, although I am sure she will adore them, making them gives them the extra personal touch.