Monday, 31 March 2014

Weekly Photo Update : Love you Mummy

It has been a busy busy week ! The happy weekly photo update last Monday to the love you mummy update today, named that to celebrate that yesterday was mothering Sunday. It has felt like the week has gone much faster than any other week this year, it has been busy. We have been helping Katy's mum move some of the stuff out of her garage ready so she can move to a new house. We have managed to get a few bits for the mega car boot we are planning to do in April. We now have so much stuff to boot we really do not think one pitch will be big enough.

We have also been give an amazing wardrobe, you may remember a post from earlier in the week. We are taking this wardrobe and upcycling it to shabby chic this is the first project of this kind we have attempted. On top of all that finally our coffee table from the range came in, the picture of the coffee mug in the photo block is the first cup of coffee to christen the table. You might also notice I have gone in to super Geek mode with my blogging and have brought myself a personalised Daddy Space mug ! They were on half price at Tescos please don't judge :-p

The picture of the week is this beauty taken whilst mummy popped in to Asda to get a few bits that Lidl's don't stock for our weekly shop.

The kind lot from Ella's kitchen have sent Olivia some of their new my little BIG meals to try and some assorted packs. We are not obliged to review the meals it was as a kind of thank you for the Ella's Kitchen Mega Give-away where we are giving away over £40 worth of goodies for you to win.

The food block has far more variety in it this week, last week I struggled to get lots of different shots of what the kids were eating.

So that's it for this weeks photo update if you want to see the photos before the update then follow me on Instagram @adaddyblogger

Thank you for reading, what do you make of my coffee mug ?