Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Get the Kids in On Spring Cleaning

Get the Kids in On Spring Cleaning

Spring is in full swing - it’s time to shed that hibernating feeling, get outside and yes, spring clean!

This year, why tackle the cleaning jobs alone? Getting the kids involved is a great way to bond and teach them about household responsibilities.

Clean Time is Play Time

Forget about a mundane cleaning routine if you want to get the kids involved in the chores (and enjoy it more yourself!). For a happy young clean team, you need to maximize on the fun element. Turn cleaning into playing with the following tips:

Involve Games

Depending on how many kids are involved, any number of games can be incorporated to keep them intrigued and enjoying themselves:

Pump a Tune

Playing some of your kid’s (and your!) favourite music is bound to get the cheeriness flowing as the clean team takes off. Incorporate the melodies with a game like ‘freeze’, where every time the music stops, everyone freezes – giggles are guaranteed!

Special Task Force

Children are known for their wild imaginations – take them into an imaginary story as they tackle the cleaning mission. One example would be to tell them that you are all a part of a special task force with the mission to clean up a specific area. You can assign them each special small roles and even give them appropriate nicknames or dress in the same colours and play suitable music to set the scene.


There’s nothing quite like a bit of competition to kick off a cleaning spree ! Add a competitive element to cleaning by setting up fun contests for the kids; for example, see who can pick up the most toys in a certain amount of time and reward the winner.

Treasure Hunt

A treasure hunt is guaranteed to rev up the excitement when it comes to cleaning . A good idea to motivate children is to give them clues as they complete certain small cleaning ‘tasks’ to lead them to the final ‘big prize’.

Family Fashion Show

Cleaning out wardrobes is a vital part of spring cleaning. Get the whole family in on the fun by hosting a family fashion show where those not ‘modeling’ decide whether or not an item is to stay or go.

Clever Cleaning Products

The cleaning equipment you make use of can keep children entertained if chosen correctly:

For children under the age of 6, dusters are the ideal cleaning tools as there is no real danger involved; they are fun to use and are available in a range of playful colours. Just be sure to not leave anything precious lying around or it might get ‘dusted’ onto the floor!

For children older than 8 years, cleaning windows with squeegees can prove heaps of fun as they let the water run down before swiping it dry. You can join them and if it’s warm enough, why not start a water fight outside afterwards?

Vacuum and Steam Cleaners

For children 8 years and older, vacuums and some steam cleaners can be used as handy cleaning tools. These will get the job done quickly and children often enjoy using interactive technology.

Using steam to clean has considerable benefits – it’s been proven that when steam cleaning equipment is used as directed, over 99.9 % of the germs are killed. Bissell offers a wide range of steam cleaning products, as well as a vacuum which combines both steam cleaning and vacuuming. Their steam clean products are also chemical free, helping you towards a healthier and more environmentally friendly home.

 Reward the Co-Workers

When it comes to kids and cleaning, rewards are a must. If the cleaning mission is a once- off task, reward them on the same day with something they will appreciate - edible treats or a meal at their favourite restaurant are good options.

If the cleaning tasks span over a longer time period, consider keeping a type of ‘reward system’ where good behaviour over a period of time accumulates certain rewards.

When it comes to getting children involved in your spring cleaning mission, it’s all about maximizing on fun while getting the job done. This year, take up the challenge and make some valuable family memories as the dust vanishes!

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