Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Harry's Third birthday presents

We are rapidly approaching Harry's third birthday, I can't believe this loveable chunk will be three next month. We are not being cruel calling him a chunk he is by no means fat, just stocky! He will more than defiantly be a rugby player at some point. We have been buying things for his birthday here and there since Christmas so as to not have a huge financial burden. We will not be spending hundreds on him simply because the kids have so much, but as they grow older toys need updating.

I am excited to give Harry his gifts because some he has been asking for you ages, especially the camera and tablet. I'll explain what we are going to do with giving Harry his first tab because we are not buying him a new in the box one. One of the reasons for not getting a new Leap Pad or Innotab is because the game app's cost a small fortune.

We will be overcoming this by giving him a Samsung 7 Inch Tab, you can get most of the android app's free. Obviously buying a three year old a brand new £150 tablet is just ludicrous, me and Katy both had Samsung tab's over a year ago for our birthdays. We have both lost the use of our tablets to the kids now, Charlie had mine for his 4th Birthday and Mummies tab gets used by Harry. What we will do is hide the tablet for a month so he forgets about it, re-set it to factory settings, buy a funky cover for him and give him the tablet in the original box re-sealed. This will save us lots of money and will make him so happy to have his very own tab just like his big brother.

Here is what else we have already got him.

We want to buy some more things just to have as some extra presents for him to open on the day, we also want to get him some clothing items. We will fill his tablet up with his favourite games and give him a funky back ground.

What did you get for your three year old?