Friday, 4 April 2014

Shocked : Hidden tooth rotter in everybodys house


Today we were left red faced and most of all shocked that Charlie at the tender age of four would need to have a filling after a family appointment from the dentists. We can not believe we have let him get a cavity from the things he has been eating and drinking. I was sure that when he had his check up the dentist was going to say 'all fine see you next year'. He did not say this, he showed us the hole and said he wanted to do a filling. My heart sank, I was still relieved that I didn't need any work I would never have thought that Charlie would have needed some. I was really ashamed that it was our fault he would need to have a very scary procedure for a four year old.

The Dentist was very nice and showed Charlie the tools he would be using for the filling so next time the noises and feelings wouldn't all be alien to him. We have been advised to get him used to the what happens at the dentist, they suggested an episode of Peppa Pig where they visit the dentist as a good start.

Here comes the shocking bit, I bet you have been thinking well that's what happens when you let them stuff there faces with sweets and sugary drinks.

We have been careful to avoid lots of sweets and have totally avoid sugary drinks, so we talked with the dentist who made us realise what could have cause such damage in a year. Juice, he has informed us it is full of acids which eat holes in teeth and cause the same if not more damage than sweets. We have been mindlessly refilling Charlie's Juice cup for ages with no added sugar juice, whether or not it would damage teeth never crossed our minds. We have even been giving him one for overnight. His brother harry has had wetting himself problems thanks to juice so only ever has water. He is completely used to this now so there is no reason why Charlie can't have the same.

Th advice which we will now be following explicitly is that the for example on Friday you could have a packet of sweets and the next day a packet of crisps, pop-corn or snack. With this quantity of treats a week the dentist would expect no problems at all from an child with any strength of teeth. The advice excluded excessive amounts of juice and totally no juice for overnight.

We have already set dates for the rest of the month where the boys will have one packet of sweets, we will do a weekly dvd night so its something to really look forward too. We will not be having juice now unless its at mealtimes in a small juice cup not the sports bottle he has at the moment. There is no worst feeling in the world than someone telling you your child will need some dental work which will be daunting for them to deal with.