Saturday, 3 May 2014

My Selfie Saturday

But first let me take a Selfie !

When I saw Deb's from Super Busy Mum put up a link for her very first #MySelfieSaturday I knew I had to drop everything get my camera and take a Selfie. She has teamed up with Amy from In My Bubble every to bring us this amazing new link-up every Saturday 5pm (GMT). When the link-up is up and running then there will be a theme to follow perhaps a funny faces week or a silly hat week the choices are endless.

As you can see I have not gone for a conventional 45 Degress arms stretched out Selfie, you notice that I will always edge for the non-conformist photograph ! I think I'm going to enjoy this link-up great Idea Deb's and Amy :-)  


Super Busy Mum


  1. Haha this is by far one of the best duck faces I've ever seen! Thanks for joining in!

  2. Ha ha, fantastic selfie, made be chuckle :)

  3. Looking forward to some fun ones! Great Selfie! :)

  4. From the thumbnail I swear I was in wrinkles! I'm with Amy, best duckface EVER! I reckon you're going to be a riit with this linky! Thanks for joining in!! #MySelfieSaturday