Thursday, 1 May 2014

Pink Lining Lunch box Little Lady

We were very kindly sent a Pink Lining Lunch box Little Lady, we love Pink Lining for a number of reasons the main one is the mix of style and practicability. The Lunch box Little Lady is made to the same high quality we have come to expect from Pink lining products. When handling the product you can feel that the smooth inside lining wont perish quickly like some other lunch boxes do with washing. We were won over by the design before we received the lunch box and when we did we were not disappointed.

The lunch box has a plain cream front with a bold, simple and large ladybird as the focal design feature. The sides have a super cute pattern made up of smaller ladybirds, daisy's and smaller light blue stars its and effective and well designed look. The shape of the lunch box is what I would describe as a squashed trapezium which is also longer, what would you call the shape ? You can also fit plenty of lunch into the box which is useful, when you have a hungry Olivia on your hands you need to provide !

There are some nice details which make the box that little bit extra special, my favourite is the really cute name tag which is stitched into the box. You also have a handy net which you can secure something in, an elastic drinks holder and a red clip handle on top. Here comes the Pink Lining bit, the net and elastic drinks holder are coloured pink !

We often enjoy indoors picnic lunches at least two or three times a week, using the lunch box along side the boys spider man lunch boxes has proven the usability. When we showed Olivia she was very excited, for ages her lunch has just been out of a bag. Watching the boys have their lunch from lunch boxes for so long meant when she got her own it was special. It shall be something we use for many years to come. The lunch box is also easy to clean which for the busy parent is essential.

Overall this lunch box is great quality, beautiful and very practicable and worth every penny. The Pink Lining Lunch Box Little Lady sells fro £15.00 from Pink Lining's Website.