Sunday, 4 May 2014

Weekly Photo's

I will from now on be using Sunday to post my weekly photo's. I have not been taking many photo's on Instagram this week so the photo block looks slight sad for it's self. Next week should be far more interesting, I'm also linking up with the week that was captured for the first time. I hold all my Linky Love in the tab with the same name you can see where else I have been linking up.

The main feature this week, I'm not sure you will have noticed because not many people have been talking about it, has been our #MorrisonsDad shop. We have been planning it all week and had loads of fun getting our shopping in. Charlie was being a pest in his bed and this was him not laying down after being asked hundreds of times. When we did our shop all the kids had just woken up and were really not enjoying the shopping trip.

Olivia's hair is finally long enough for Pig tails I mentioned this in my Memoirs post earlier in the week she looks so cute. My running is finally making my stomach smaller, however this weekend will put pay to that and I'll need to rectify the damage.