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My name is James and I'm 25 from Plymouth, UK I work full time as an engineer and really enjoy my work. I also like to enjoy outside of work and family life cycling, gardening, jewelry making, swimming and photography. I can honestly say I love my life and couldn't be happier I'm not rich in money but rich in love. My family means everything to me and I couldn't function without them. 

I'm blogging here at Daddy's Space to document our life's as parents and the hope is that one day that the kids can look back on what was happening whilst they were so young. It also helps me keep track of everything that is going on. Sometimes things can seem to be passing us by to fast so keeping this blog helps me take stock of life.

Meet the Family


My Wife Katy




If you want to know anymore about me or my family I'm more than happy to talk to you about us it's my favorite subject. You can E-mail me, Tweet me, Facebook me or just comment on posts.

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  1. beautiful babies james! thanks for co-hosting the blog hop-
    so happy to be following you and also linking up with y'all this week! come see me when ya have a minute, would love to have you.
    have a great week-end! :)